Family Foibles

Five years ago all of my side of the family celebrated my grandmother turning 95, five years later we are here again, with more kids added to the mix, Thank God.  Tomorrow is the big day, we all got together today, and it was amazing seeing each other again, so many hugs, amazing how kids have grown up, and families have grown.  Although we are all family, we have different philosophies of raising our kids, and it is amazing to see.  We are originally from the former Soviet Union, and then some from the United States, others from Greece and different parts of the world, and now with our spouses from all over the globe as well, our family units are totally different from each other.

Our kids are also all different ages, and mine are in toddler mode, and super clingy, and take turns acting up, and all want mom 24/7.  Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be rested from their travels, and all the kids will be less overwhelmed by the crowd and the occasion, and we can all just chill and enjoy each other, and celebrate my babushka.

Coach Yulia


Having fun with Dedushka

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