Ride The Waves


This picture was my favorite part of our road trip, it really was quite miserable.  One kid was throwing up non stop and the other ones took turns crying over dramatically, and this was our few hours of silence.  We have been quite adventurous with our travel, specifically road trips, two summers in a row we got a huge RV and travelled cross country.  The first year my baby was only 4 months old, the best sleeper ever, and just dealing with two was manageable.  The following year was literally hell, my baby just started walking and kept trying to go up to my husband who was driving, I had to be creative with blocking his way.  The other ones were going stir crazy, even with TV, a full kitche, toys, and tons of planned activities, we swore no more road trips until they got much older.

My amazing grandmother is brining my whole side of the family together again, and honestly it is manageable, but hard, kids are not fun sometimes, but being with the whole family together is worth it for me.

They say that eventually we will laugh at the memories,


Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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