Two planes and a car

Yesterday was actually the best travel day I have ever had.  We didn’t have to hold our kids hands, they all had a backpack with books, toys, and a change of clothes inside.  The first plane was short and sweet, Southwest has Open Seating, which at first seemed a little scary, but it actually flowed so nicely, very easygoing, big comfortable seats.  I sat with my daughter and my husband sat with our two boys, next to me in the aisle seat sat a six foot five gentleman, and he was raving about Southwest.  Then we had a two hour layover which was the best thing ever, I put on a movie for the kids, we all had lunch, and just had a chance to stretch our legs, and the kids ran around a bit as well.

The second leg was supposed to be four hours, but turned out to be three, the kids did some of their homework, and at the very end when they were getting restless, the stewardess asked them to help stock her sodas and help open and close cabinets.  We got all our luggage quickly, the only hold up was at the rental car, there was a line, but the kids found a friend to play with while we waited, so it was all good.

My friends have a beautiful house in New Jersey, we are just relaxing until everybody gets back from work and school, and then we are going to play and BBQ, Woo Hoo!

Feeling Relaxed and Happy,

Coach Yulia


My little guy practicing his selfies

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