Screen Time is Mean, Green Time

Today I was picking which movies to take with us on the road, we will be in a couple of planes, and have a road trip.  We will also have toys, books, snacks, and just the beauty of the drive.  Is it ever enough? Will the kids say they are bored, or the infamous, “Are we there yet?”  This morning they woke up extra early, so they were helping me pick, view, download the movies. When it was time to get ready, they were all glued to the laptop, started whining, crying, getting upset, it is really just never enough.  I feel lucky that we are able to monitor how long and what they watch, and also that they have full days of activities, physical and intellectual.

The picture below is my beautiful grandmother, one of my cousins is still not born yet in this picture, and another is older and not in this shot as well, I am so excited to see everybody.  I was the only girl, and she adored me among all the boys, and I adore her, she always had a smile, so much love, I am so blessed to have inherited her happy energy.  We were all together for her 95th, and now heading to God Willing celebrate the big centennial.

Excited to spend time with family, play, celebrate, have fun, reminisce, meet new cousins that were born in the last five years.  Hopefully only needing those movies on the road to and from Boston.


Coach Yulia

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