Life is one adventure after the other

Whether it is ups or downs, it is all part of the ride, and we really appreciate the ups when we have the perspective of the downs.  We are preparing for our next adventure, we just had an amazing time with my husband’s side of the family, and now onto my side of the family, so excited, we all have not seen each other in five years, since my grandmother turned 95!

I am overflowing with gratitude, and I keep on seeing things that touch me deep, little glimpses, quotes, connections, just life is so grand.  The other day my daughter was really having a hard time over something, it was ugly, but I stood strong, and after all of it, she said I am sorry, and it made me tear up a little.  Kids open us up, it’s all for a reason, the work is hard, but it was so powerful to hear her make a choice to take responsibility and appreciate her amazing, beautiful, strong, and fun mom!

I know my worth, it is so powerful to know your worth, what you deserve, but it is also important to realize when somebody is going out of their way for you, and this quote really expresses that, feeling, knowing, and appreciating,

“It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.”

– David Levithan, Every Day

I think of it this way, in a family you just deal, no matter what happens, there is unconditional love, and you go through it together.  I tell my husband, there is no way out, it is a life sentence!

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