In the High of Life

IMG_3244[1]This picture was taken last Friday at my photo shoot, I am so excited to get the prints, full body shots, I feel like they really captured me.  I am grateful that my gift in this life is to be fully present, I notice each moment as it unfolds, and am in awe how everything is connected and how things really work.  Believe it or not, things keep moving, changing, flowing, and we can orchestrate the direction.  The result will be what the result will be, it is important to be open to new situations, it might take you somewhere you never even imagined.  It is not easy to be unattached to the result and let go of control, but it really gives you such a freedom.  Whether you call it God, your gut, the universe, it is all the same source, tap into yours and witness the magic happening every moment of every day.

Next week my kids will be in school full time, I am excited to dive into all of the Coach Yulia services, especially working on promoting Arasys, Everybody has been telling me that I have lost weight, and nobody asks me if I am pregnant anymore.  I really thought it would be a long road for me or no hope, eating right and exercise were not enough for my stretched skin and cellulite after having three babies in a row.  I think of Arasys as a toxic cleanse, it drains the lymph system, breaks up cellulite, and firms skin, with no side effects or pain like surgery.  Yesterday I connected with a mom whose son is in my son’s first grade class, unbeknownst to us we filled out some forms, followed directions, and were designated as room parents.  She told me she doesn’t want to be the front person, but is good at filtering all of the information that we would receive and organize it to be sent to the other parents in the room.  This was music to my ears, I told her we are a perfect fit because I am a front person, and we can work together to balance the other stuff.  We were getting to know each other, she owns a Pilates studio,, and was excited to hear about Arasys for some of her clients.  We are a good fit in so many ways, I was just in awe that we were the only two parents that followed directions, filled out a volunteer form, got thrown into a role that we both did not know we signed up for, but it has turned out to be the most amazing opportunity to collaborate for our kids and our businesses.

The World Really Works This Way,

In The High Of Life,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia




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