Today was Perfect for Today

All we can do is look at the positive in every situation.  I had a Yoga class at my place this morning, and one of the ladies made a comment that it was the perfect combination of a workout, stretch, and relaxation.  I was telling her, as I say in every class that I teach, that everyday our body is different, some days we feel full of energy, and other times we need to go easy.  Maybe you ran a marathon the day before, or just getting over being sick or injured, our body is different every day, each time you do Yoga it is like the very first time for your body.  So she said, Today was Perfect for Today, and I absolutely loved it, it is really about appreciating and recognizing the moment.  In Yoga there is no perfect, it is not cirque du soleil, it is not precise dance movements, yes there is form, alignment, and core, but then there is you, and how you move, how you feel, your energy that day determines how your Yoga will be.

Then I ran to Santa Monica to substitute a Yoga class for my amazing 83 year old teacher, who is on vacation this week, I learned from him 15 years ago.  I walked into his class, and I knew it would be my life, and I am so grateful.  I have not been subbing for a while, because I have been busy making and raising babies, but now that all three of my kids are in school, I am so excited to substitute all over town.  I love walking into a room that are taking Yoga for the first time, or first time with me, and guiding them to just enjoy, feel good, and really know that what their body needs at that moment, is the exact right pose, it cannot be taught or understood until you feel it, the neuro-muscular system has to connect or it will not  work.  So the class I subbed today was 40 people who regularly take my teacher’s class, and only like to take his class, his way.  I was very honored that a few people told me it is exactly like his class, and everyone enjoyed it.  The routine that I teach is amazing, it gets you out of your head, feels like you got a full body massage, and the next day you definitely feel the workout.

Yesterday was one of those days that one thing went right,and then something went wrong, over and over again in that pattern.  It was small things, but they were annoying, and all I could do is move on and focus on all the good that happened that day.  I am always in awe of the good, how things always work out, if we really need or want something, wishing for it, focusing on it, looking for it, talking about it, it will happen in the way that it should.  It is not worth it to worry, stress, let anxiety take over, get in a fight, ignore, yell, shout, cuss, because things will be how they will be, so I choose to take a breath, choose my words wisely, and appreciate all the good that has come out of every situation.

Try to end each day saying “Today was Perfect for Today,”

Coach Yulia




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