We played hooky today


play hooky

to fail to attend school or some other event

My big boy is turning 7, and we have started the celebration early, his Hebrew birthday is this Friday, but since it is before Shabbat, his Torah reading was the previous Saturday, so he is officially 7 already.  He was born on September 13, which this year is the first night of Rosh Hashana, and in between all this we are flying to Boston to visit my amazing grandmother, who God Willing is turning 100, and meeting all of my extended family again like we did when she turned 95.  As my kids get older, I am not really into parties, especially since we have so many different groups of friends, from all walks of life, I like to go on adventures, and luckily so do my kids.  I asked my son what he wanted to do, and Legoland was on the top of his list, I asked him if he wanted to go just with me, and he said he wanted to go with his whole family. Low and behold I come across a group rate that someone was promoting in our community, and today was the day.  The kids started school last week, we are going to be taking so many days off for our travels and the Jewish holidays, but a birthday is a big deal, so we all played hooky day.  We got the most gorgeous cool weather with sunshine, and barely any lines, we did everything we wanted to do.  Yes there was a little whining for the two hour ride there and back, but overall totally worth it and my 7 year old was in heaven.

Luckily everything lined up for me, my usual classes got rescheduled, and today things that have been on our to do list, and challenging circumstances in our lives are being figured out. It is amazing when you decide to have fun, to step outside of our everyday worries, to just have some pleasure with your family, how that attracts everything else you need into your life.

Feeling grateful and tired,

from fun and whining,

glad we did it,

glad its over,

All is good,

Coach Yulia

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