I just want some peace

Peace inside myself

Luckily this is something that I possess, and know how to find, but sometimes my buttons are pushed, and the monster comes out.  Yoga has helped so much to keep me calm, have better reactions, and find my happy place.  For me the key is to keep balance in everything in my life, from eating right, and splurging for special occasions, to loving what I do, and staying active.  Since I have married and had children, I have deepened my spirituality and connection to 100% trust, and it is really what gets me through everything day by day, moment by moment.

Peace in my family

Marriage and children really makes you face yourself, learn lessons, grow, and have amazing breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs.  I am always positive in my work, but sometimes at home, with all of the strong personalities, it is challenging to be in my happy bubble.  When I was single it was easy to just walk away, deal with things later, and really make it all about me.  I feel so blessed that it is not all about me anymore, but it also takes effort, being present, dealing with things head on, being open, listening, and never giving up.

Peace in my home

Shalom Bayit, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shalom_bayit, is one of the most important goals in Judaism, raising kids in a peaceful, loving, and happy environment.  The relationship between a husband and wife directly affects the children, luckily I have the best example in my parents of how it should be.  It is a commitment for life, through all the ups and downs, and we work together, communicate, and figure out what is best for every one of us.  Even disagreements are part of it, that is how you learn about each other and grow together.  I like to say otherwise we would be bored, there is no perfect, everybody has their own stuff, be grateful for your stuff, I am grateful for my stuff.

Peace in my life, community, work

Everywhere in life there are rules, and we have to decide whether they work for us or not.  I have been on a beautiful path to find exactly where I fit and what fits me.  Some of the work I do is part of huge corporations, so I have to respect the rules of the game.  It is amazing running my own business, but I still need to be clear, open, and firm so clients know exactly what they are giving their time and energy to.  In all the different communities that I am part of, I focus on respecting the status quo, each client gets a customized experience.

Peace in the world

There is so much written about the deal with Iran, I hear that it is not great, but another one may be worse.  I am still learning about it and my stance is always about what is best for Israel.  I just read that Iran was the source of all the missiles that were fired into Israel during the recent war with Gaza.  I was also reading that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan share the same goals as Israel and Hamas members were arrested by the Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank.  Maybe the world can stand together against extremism and fundamentalism.

Shabbat is my peace every week,

Coach Yulia

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