Do what makes you, YOU!

On my agenda today, photo shoot, found a deal for $19, and finally today is the day.  I used to be a hostess on cruise ships, we would have stage shows, and I would dress up as different characters for our theme nights.  Before and after that I have performed in various venues, everything from theater, movies, television, and my favorite at a weekly party in Los Angeles, that was so much fun.

Nothing was big time, and I think I like that, I like that the people who know and were there will always have the memory, and I can keep on moving on with my life and transforming myself. Now in my newest role of wife and mother, and doing the work I love with Yoga and Doula support, and helping all of us bounce back with Arasys Inch Loss, there is little time for my creative side to play.

Photography is my go to for creative expression, and also a great way to get some different looks for my website and promotional materials.  I love shooting with different photographers and see how they see me, see what they can capture.  It is really amazing how a moment in time is shown, and sometimes you feel like that moment really shows who you are and other times its just not you.  We just saw some pictures from our huge family wedding, and the photographer really portrayed the essence, I am excited to get some soon that I could share.  I love to be the muse, the canvas, so excited that this package comes with makeup and hair, I like to be serviced, I am not good at doing these things myself.  I love to let the artists play and create their own vision, I don’t know what will come out of it, I want to see if they can show who I really am, but I love to transform and be different versions.  I like to be either Yoga or Diva, and everywhere I go, you meet a different me, there are different versions, but the real me is always inside, you can always feel my energy.  I am blessed that 8 years ago my husband saw my energy, and everything else was just me having fun, he was confident, real, and very nice looking 🙂

Feeling grateful,

Looking forward to a quiet Shabbat,

I will be all fancy from my shoot,

Why not?

Do what makes you, you,

Be Happy,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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