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Started my day with a Yoga class at my home office, and wanted to share how amazing it looks.  For the Arasys Inch Loss you lay on a massage table, and can target specific areas and spot reduce, what does that mean?  When you exercise there is no way to do just sit-ups and get a six pack, you have to eat right, do cardio, weights, and be consistent.  Arasys not only builds muscle, but also releases fat, drains the lymph system, and tightens skin.  I am amazed how it kickstarted my body, which was at a plateau, and now I am losing pounds and inches.  Come check it out at my home office, just call or text 323.377.0707, or email coachyulia@gmail.com for a free demo.

I think of it like going to a chiropractor to reset your posture, or acupuncture to get things flowing, it is a reset, and a natural complement to a healthy, active lifestyle.  For me exercise and eating right was not enough for the stomach area after three babies in a row, and I am not interested in surgery or any of the other quick fix promises.  This actually works with your body, cleanses toxins, no side effects, and no pain or soreness.

I find myself with time today, after all the wedding guests and family have left town, my kids are in school, excited to get back to work and a balanced routine for my family.  Around the corner we have more travel and fun coming up, but for now I am going to enjoy the recharge, calm, and simplicity.

I am open to starting Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Prenatal Yoga classes in my home office or at yours, get in touch and let’s get healthy together.

Coach Yulia

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