The last wave have flown home

When I moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago, I promised myself that I would surround myself with positive energy and people. Overall I have made the most amazing friends, before I met my husband, they were my family, and we are still close.  I am so grateful to know how such a large extended family, I met so many wonderful people this last month with all of our happy celebrations, and I feel blessed that all of my family are amazing, unique, fun, and genuine people.  The last of the family from all over the world and America just left today.  I am lucky to have been raised by the most amazing father and mother, they let me bloom at my own pace and never interfered, gave amazing advice, and let me make choices like an adult from a very young age.

I am so blessed to keep on meeting amazing people, and I love to be social and friendly, but I don’t let everybody in too close. Once you become a parent, it is really non stop, yes you can do it all, but it is all done around the schedule of the kids. Sometimes I come across people who are still finding themselves, or are worriers, and have things to work out.  I fully support an individual journey, but at this time, I have to give myself and my family my undivided attention, everything and everyone else comes second.yulia blog

I love my happy bubble and I will not let anyone burst it ever!  Just finished off my night after my classes stopping by a fun event that my friend promotes monthly.  It is casino tables, speakeasy atmosphere, all just for fun, I put on a little makeup and enjoyed stepping outside of my wife, mother, yoga, and doula roles, and just getting all dolled up and schmoozing.

I have heard that we love our family unconditionally, but do not always get along, I am so grateful that in my case it is mutually beneficial, supportive, and loving on both ends of everyone in my family.  With friends, especially in different stages of life, it is not always easy to keep in touch.  I have a few friends that are like family, even when we don’t talk or see each other in a long time, when we do, it is magic.

Positive People,

Positive Energy,

Positive Outlook on every circumstance, situation, person, and event in life,

That’s the only way I know how to operate,

Keeps me sane and balanced,

Life is good,

Now I must do one of my favorite things in the world,


Good Night,

Coach Yulia

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