8 Years!


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Love My Sister In Law


The past few weeks have been magical, family came in town from all over the world.  Today is the Hebrew date of my wedding anniversary, Rosh Chodesh Elul, it has been 8 years! Not only did I marry my other half, but I feel like I also married the most amazing community, and a new family.  My sister in law is the greatest, her oldest boy with the hat and big smile in the picture was one year old at our wedding, and just started walking.  My sister in law introduced me to my doctor and my doula, and now I know that began my journey into beautiful birth experiences, and my path to becoming a doula myself.

We have had so much quality family time and cousin time, it is such a blessing, sometimes the kids hang with me, sometimes they go with their cousins, it is so special to have such a close connection.  What I also love is that I have deepened my own connection to myself and to my spirituality.  It is so amazing to be part of a community that keeps learning, growing, and teaching children and adults to be the light and inspiration to the world around us.  This Hebrew month of Elul is very special because it is right before all of the High Holidays, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.  Here is a little glimpse of the learning that I love, the deep lessons that can apply to every area of life and every person in every situation,


Every anniversary we treat ourselves to a nice dinner out, tonight we are going to check out a new Kosher Japanese and Chinese fusion restaurant, Owoks, http://yeahthatskosher.com/2015/06/coming-to-la-pariss-owoks-kosher-japanese-chinese-fusion-restaurant/,

I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia


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