When things go wrong, I am grateful for what turns it around

Yesterday was the craziest day of obstacles, but then right afterwards amazing solutions came about.  I am in awe when we stay out of our own way, control our reactions, and just let things work themselves out, it is really what happens.

  • I went to teach a class at 24 Hour Fitness, and took my older two to the kids club, it was over capacity, and I wasn’t able to teach my class.  One by one my students came to the kids club and told me that they have children, and another one say they have taught children.  It was so sweet of them to offer, but corporate rules would not allow someone not working there to watch over the kids.  Finally one more student offered to just hang with the kids, he took them to Trajer Joes across the street, and said that my class helps him so much, its OK to miss one, so I can teach.
  • We still have family in town, and first thing in the morning we made plans, and througout the day those plans changed probably 10 times, but everything just worked out, we got everything we needed to get done.
  • I ended up with my mother in law and her sister in Chinatown, and remembered that Downtown LA was a great place to get backpacks for school, my mother in law offered to buy my daughter her first backpack as a gift, and we had 10 minutes to park, the store ended up being across the street, ran in, ran out, everybody was happy, done.
  • I drop everybody off, head home with the kids, my car runs out of gas.  I tell my husband to pick the little one up from school, and head our way so we can switch cars, because I had a class to teach in an hour, all worked out.
  • My Yoga mats were in the other car, so I arrived at my class with none, we figured it out, the couple was very happy, done.

I was so happy to finally be home, and just appreciate that everything eventually figures itself out. No reason to stress, worry, over analyze, be anxious, it just gets in the way.

  1. I am tired, still recovering from three babies in the last 2 months, wedding, family, and work
  2. I am in the middle of an amazing birth seminar, I have over 10 videos to watch by this evening
  3. The kids are home, start school next week, driving me bit nutty
  4. We have over 20 guests coming for our Shabbat dinner tonight, that is also our 8 year anniversary.

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Shabbat Shalom


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