Procrastination is another word for Faith

My gift in this world is that I am fully present, and aware of revealed good in every moment of life.  Things always appear as they should, as I need them, and at the right time.  I am listening to a seminar series of birth professionals, that is aligning exactly with how I function in this world, and validating that I am on the right path.  The Rabbi below suddenly lost his wife at only 37 years old,  she passed away suddenly for no obvious reason, leaving him to raise their 8 children. He keeps inspiring the world, saying that she keeps on giving him winks from above.

Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz

“Trained by a wink

There are lots of parenting roles which I never believed I was cut out for. Yet when life delivers you the package I received, you learn to step up to the plate and into some roles you would rather avoid.

Not so when it comes to potty training. It is a project which requires effort and patience, and one which I consider to be a stressful and tedious endeavor that I cannot do alone.

So I decided to take the “when he will be ready, he will be ready” approach with my youngest son, and put the venture on a back burner.

That lasted until I woke up one morning and realized that there were only a few weeks until he goes back to school and in order for him to enter the next grade the school requires that he be trained.

I tried talking to him but it was in-one-ear-out-the-other. It wasn’t on his agenda, and I had no desire to put it on mine. So back to the rear burner it went.

Until we arrived last week at our much needed summer vacation and I realized that going back home after the break would also mean back to school, which left me with a very short window of time to teach this kid the early facts of life.

Where to begin and how to get it done, I had no idea. Procrastination tinged with a sense of resignation became the name of the game.

Suddenly out of nowhere my three year old declares. He is done with his diaper and is ready to move on. He is also giving up his bottle and becoming a big boy. It came out of left field as if it had dropped from the sky.

There was never a moment of training or preparing for this step. He was simply ready to move forward and wasn’t looking back.

I thanked G-d for this little miracle and was excited and elated. Yet my curiosity couldn’t rest until I understood where this had come from. I tried to figure out the source of this great gift and where this three year old boy had found this strength and amazing maturity.

Then I remember an episode from two days earlier and I knew who trained this boy. He was playing outside with some children when the mother of one of the boys walked by. Some of the kids shouted to that boy “Oh I see your mother” to which another child replied “And look there I see mine”. Alter was caught in the conversation and needed to respond. He wanted to be like the rest of the children, yet his situation wasn’t the same. Without skipping a beat he looked up to the sky and said “There, I see mine”

Shabbat Shalom”

This touched me deep, children so simply understand this.  My children always ask about their Saba, my husband’s father who passed away a few years ago, they know he is with Hashem, up high in the sky.  One woman commented on Rabbi Hirshy’s post with the title of this blog,


I have been known to procrastinate, and I love this perspective, I have complete, 100% trust in how the world, God, and everything in our life works.  I know deep down everything always works out as it should, we just have to be patient, trust, have faith, but also actively participate in moving forward.

I love to say in Yoga,

Intense, but not tense.

Try to bring this into your daily life,

Excercise, Yoga, and any other part of your healthy, active lifestyle,

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Postpartum, and Parenthood,

Even accepting the joy and honor of knowing someone even after they are gone,

My husband made a potato salad last night for our anniversary and guests that my father in law used to make all the time, he made it for me when I was pregnant and for our kids, he was with us in spirit,

The special people in our lives are always with us,

Feeling Connected,

Coach Yulia

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