Positive and Natural

I think those are my favorite two words in the English language, positive and natural, they can apply to everything in life.  I am inspired today by birth professionals who are changing the way women learn, make choices, and have the labor and birth that fits them. Many of these experts talk about intimacy, and how the baby was conceived should be the same love and energy that goes into the labor and birth.

Everywhere else in our lives we are so careful who we let in, what products we use, we really search for the jobs, friends, and lifestyle that feels right for us.  Labor and birth is no different, before we get pregnant we don’t need to know any of this stuff.  Luckily we get almost 10 months to learn everything we can, get our partner on board, think about the birth we want, and who will support that vision, especially during the labor, who will let you stay in your zone and not interfere?

The same themes run through each interview:

  1. Get a doctor/midwife/hospital that is on the same page as you
  2. Learn everything you can, research your labor and birth options as much as you research your registry
  3. Take care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  4. Find your team in the labor/birth room, having a woman in the room scientifically makes a big difference
  5. Your partner is also on this new journey and is not an expert, let them be your rock, your advocate, part of the team

One of the experts helps new parents prepare for the huge transition into parenthood.  When a woman is in labor, she needs to know she is supported, trusted, and making informed choices.  Another key factor is trusting herself, her intuition, what positions feel best, what breath makes sense, in the moment each woman finds what works for that specific labor.

If anyone is interested in more information, or would like specific resources, names, and websites, please contact me at coachyulia@gmail.com.


        Having fun with my brother in law’s

On a mission to support and educate women to love themselves, learn about their choices, and have a positive, natural, and conscious birth experience.

Coach Yulia

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