Outer Space


My daughter made this in the art area of the Zimmer Museum, I was just talking about space with my friend that we met there, and after I took this picture I saw the cash underneath – maybe it is telling me that money is on my horizon 🙂

Yesterday outer space was on my radar, it is so amazing how we can see more and more of what we cannot see, my friend’s wife works for the company that is developing the next great telescope,


He was telling me that she is actually one of the few people who had a chance to see it, and its potential is to see maybe life on other planets or the big bang.  I am in awe, and actually would love to go to the moon one day.  I have sky dived, bungee jumped, been in a hot air balloon, water plane, and helicopter.  I love being high in the sky, and space just seems so brilliant, fascinating, especially the no gravity part.

Then I saw this post today about a meteor shower, https://stardate.org/nightsky/meteors.  It is just so amazing when we take a moment to become aware of the vastness of the world we live in, how everything operates, and how it all is interrelated and needs each other to function.  I was telling my friend, that just like when you see a big sky, or a rainbow, there is never an end, I think even with this telescope, it will just show it is more grand than they thought, and there will be more questions.

Then part of me thinks of how much we need to focus on earth, and making it a better place to live for ourselves, our families, and being of service to our communities and beyond.  I took my daughter to a checkup today at the doctor, we had to wait so long, Thank God we got some good genes, everything looked just right.  I am happy that we only go to the doctor once a year, staying healthy on a daily basis and being conscious is our way of life, and example to the world.

I still want to take a ride to the moon,

My friend said in 40 years it might be $10,000 instead of $250,000,

I will be just over 80 years old,

Sounds fun, gotta start saving now!

Coach Yulia

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