What should I do with my kids in and around LA in the summer?

We can only do our best, as parents we have to take a breath, feel good that we are giving our all, and that is enough

Yes I know, summer is almost over, but I now have my kids home for a few weeks before school starts, and I keep on seeing other moms ask the same question.  I just ran across this website,http://familycampersunite.weebly.com/miscellaneous.html, and it lists many cool and fun activities for families.  I am just going to make a list of all of the other suggestions, that are low cost or free:

  1. Annenberg Beach House
  2. The Aquarium at Santa Monica Pier
  3. Adventure City
  4. Tongva Park Splash Pad
  5. Cabrillo beach museum
  6. The waterbus in Marina Del Rey is $2 a person round trip
  7. El dorado nature center for taking walks.
  8. Grand Park Splash Pad Downtown Los Angeles, you can take the metro straight there, clean and safe
  9. Lake Balboa Park
  10. Zimmer Museum

Just google for more info, many other popular activities and places are in the link above, but the ones above I highly recommend and some of them are new that I will definitely check out before the summer ends.

Have Fun!

Coach Yulia

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