I got burned three times!

I literally got burned three times last week.  I guess always being in a rush and having a millions wonderful things on my plate to distract me is a good excuse.  I had posted the other day that I am not a domestic engineer, I help out, I organize, but my husband is the deep cleaner and cook.  He was explaining me how to warm up some food in a pan, I ended up forgetting about it, and when he reminded me, I reached the wrong way and got a big burn mark on my forearm!  Fortunately nobody noticed it at the wedding because when my makeup artist came over, before she even touched my face, I had her cover up the burn.



Yesterday I picked up a bagel out of the toaster, and it was so hot, but for some reason I still thought I could hold on to it, and lightly burned between my thumb and pointer finger. Notice my legs in the picture, I always wear Yoga pants, so we went to the beach with our cousins, and I decided to let my legs get some color, unfortunately red was the color that I got.

On a brighter note, for the past two months I have been able to be super busy doing what I love, and have just finished a non stop Doula marathon, so grateful, so in tune, so honored to have their trust, strength, and courage.  These wonderful new souls were so good to me, they took turns, let me enjoy teaching my classes and a family wedding, and did the hard work right along with mama with beautiful natural results.  May these wonderful children bring joy, love, and blessings into the lives of their parents, family, and everyone they come across.  I even got to enjoy continuous family celebrations, and am in awe of what is possible when a woman really tunes into when her body is just starting, knowing when they need support, and finding what works to get them through to the big finish.

Thank God,

In Touch,



Energy Exchange,

Natural High,


Not on call anymore,

Going to sleep better than I have in a long time,

Note to self: no more burns

Coach Yulia

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