I am in the moment, no time for phone pics

The past few days have been so amazing, family from all sides coming into town, all the kids playing so nicely.  We went to the beach this afternoon, the kids played in the ocean together, and I got to hang out and chat with all my extended family.  I did not snap one picture, first of all because of water and sand, but honestly, I am so appreciating each moment, I just want to be in it.

On Tuesday my husband’s family came into town, we had a huge barbecue the kids were so happy to see their cousins, played until it was too dark to be outside.  There were a few times when I thought it would be a great moment to capture, but then another moment would jump out at me, and I didn’t want to miss one live.  Luckily at the wedding we got professional pictures, and video, and most of the people snapping their own photos, so I know I was covered.  I did not take my phone out once, and my kids wanted to be photographers too, were asking me for my phone, I said why, when there are professional photographers, just have fun, and they did.

I was checking my phone non stop and still am supporting a Doula client, but that is the only reason.  It felt good to be the example of not taking pictures or video at the wedding.  My kids saw that I was just enjoying myself, and they had such a wonderful time too.

So excited for this special Shabbat,

We keep celebrating the bride and groom,

The first celebration is tonight with friends and family from all over the world,

Check out a glimpse of the dance floor at the wedding at the end of the night, my youngest was showing off his moves, and I didn’t see it, but I am happy my friend captured it, sometimes it is good to capture the perfect moment.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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