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                 Labor and Delivery

I have always been naturally high, and now in my Doula work, it keeps me literally on an adrenaline rush, feeling the high of the moment, every day.  When I am on call for a Doula client, at any moment new life can begin to make its way into this world.  It is never an instant thing, but I usually tell my clients to let me know when contractions seem to be getting consistent, so I can prepare the next few days with substitutes for my classes, and make sure my husband is on kid duty.

It is not like the movies or shows you see on TV my friends, I like to say 99.9% of the time it is a process, like everything else in life.  There is no hurry, worry, or things that you cannot control, especially in early labor.  My role as a Doula is active labor, and of course every situation is different, but once early labor begins, I suggest a bath or shower, to drink some wine, sleep, or rest as much as possible.

For the past two months I have been 24 hours on call, and also completely booked with clients for my Yoga and Pilates classes.  At any moment, I would have to drop what I am doing, and figure out the plan.  Last week was insane, I was literally subbing for everybody in town, so there were really nobody to cover if I had to go.  I could have figured out another instructor, that maybe could have done a core and stretch class, but not Yoga or Pilates.  As I was going through my week, I was in awe how every day, hour by hour, class by class, I made it, taught it, and went on to the next.  Literally appreciating every moment that I was able to accomplish.  What if I cancelled all of my classes in advance, I would have been a sitting duck, so I feel excited, full of energy, of the possibility of life happening, and my flexible schedule always changing.  The moment I taught my last class last Friday morning, I got a call to go support my client, so I know that is my message for this week.

Luckily all of my classes and clients are very flexible with me, and I am very flexible with them.  Ultimately whatever will be will be, it makes no sense to worry in advance, to have things live rent free in your brain.  Still I have a lump in my throat, so much amazing stuff going on, not sure what I am going to be able to do and not to do.

On my way to a mani, pedi with my daughter!

Wedding prep!!

Nothing beats a natural high!!!

Coach Yulia

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