Proof that I am not meant to be a domestic engineer

                                                   Great, right before the wedding, Thank God for makeup!

Once we are parents, we really have no choice but to clean after our kids, clean our kids, non stop cleaning after eating and playing.  I am an organizer, I love to find a place for everything, I love to get into a closet and throw away what is not needed anymore, it feels so good to have a clean closet I can walk into.  Sunday my kids decided to play in the “everything closet” where we throw whatever we don’t know what to do with, it was piled up high.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to jump in and get to work.

I am still recovering from my full day of decluttering, I have a severe dust allergy, and my nose and eyes are still sniffling and watering.  It is really bad, all day I was sneezing probably one million times, one after the other, and not just a light little sneeze, but a whole body shaking sneeze that scared my kids.  Then to top it off, it would knock me off guard and some pee would escape.  I am so lucky that after three kids, I do not sneeze and pee on a regular basis, my kegels are strong, I am my own example of it is possible if you keep exercising and activating them, that is what I teach in Yoga and Pilates.

More proof that I am not meant to be a Domestic Engineer, a term for a housewife or stay at home mom. (or dad):

  • We have a stacked washer and dryer, my husband always starts the washer, puts the detergent, and I put everything in the dryer and sort afterwards.  The dryer sheets were on the very top, and for a moment, I felt like Wonder Woman, I decided to take a big jump, missed, and landed badly, pulled my back.
  • Yesterday I was warming up some good on the stove, my husband gave me directions, and when it was ready, while serving myself I scalded the inside of my arm with the side of the pan.  How did I do it? I have no idea, I really just do not have the wherewithal to wrap my mind about the basics of cooking and cleaning, and I get injured in the process, take a look at the picture above.  When I was growing up, my mother was the cook, and my father would make us clean along with him, hated it, and promised myself I would always have help, Thank God I got a cleanaholic husband, who tells me I do it wrong, so he does the deep cleaning, I wash dishes, sort laundry, and organize.
  • Every day I teach classes and explain how to breathe properly, connect the mind and body to the task at hand, especially in a workout, it makes it more effective and prevents injury.  Most importantly to activate the pelvic floor muscles, which is the workout of Pilates.  I wish I listened to myself and didn’t have mommy brain when I was helping my husband clear the rooms for his weekly deep cleaning every Friday for Shabbat.  I was distracted, mommy brain, didn’t activate my core, and picked up something very heavy, a piece of workout equipment that I have at home.  That was a month ago, I am still not 100%, it affected all the work I do, Yoga, Doula, Arasys Inch Loss demo’s, I was in such pain.

So I told my husband, I am not meant to be a domestic engineer, I do not enjoy it, I hurt myself, and I am not able to do the work that I love and that is my business.  The good thing is that since I am a healthy person and know my body, I knew that I got injured right away, stopped everything I was doing, got ice, heat, got a massage, put the shower head with hot water on it, and little by little it is getting better.

That’s All,

Coach Yulia

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