To Share or Not To Share

Sharing is a hot topic at our house, and I tell my kids that they cannot just take something out of someone’s hand just because they want to play with it.  It is a daily conversation, sometimes it is amazing how my three kids under 6 years old play together and help each other, but every day there is one toy that everybody wants at the same time, we get tears and chasing each other around the house.

I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement, it is not about I want it now, but to nicely ask, when you are done, can I play with it?  Sometimes they may even say no, and I think that is OK, I tell them it is nice to share, but I also tell the other kids, its OK to want to play with something, and its OK to wait.

I had such beautiful pregnancy, labor, and birth experiences, I honestly can do that all day, but the kids, I cannot imagine more intense energy in my life.  I am so blessed with my kids, and the only way I know how to operate is to give them all of me when I am with them.  That is why my work is so important, it literally recharges me when I am teaching Yoga and Pilates classes, or supporting a Doula client.  It mind sound odd, but I would rather work, and Thank God my husband fully supports my purpose in this world.  Then when I am with the kids, I am 100% present, which is not easy, but what they deserve.

This week is a flurry of activity, on call for Doula services, family flying in from all over the world for a huge celebration, and booked solid with classes and clients.

I would not have it any other way,

Coach Yulia

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  1. When I was babysitting my grandkids I had that problem with sharing that desirable toy as well. I offered one child continue playing while another one would practice counting (some kids are able to count to 100.) Than the child who finished counting would play with that toy and the first one would practice counting.

    Another similar experiment involved second child looking at the clock while the first one would be playing with that toy. I would suggest to wait till the arrow would reach a certain number on a regular clock. If there is a digital clock, a child would have to wait till certain number would appear.

    Kids’ patience is short, but it helped to validate their feelings, redirect them for awhile by concentrating on something else.

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