Wherever You Are, You Are.

My message is the same, whether its Yoga, Labor and Birth, or just dealing with relationships and life, whatever you decide and tell yourself is the truth, becomes your truth.  These are words that flow through me when I teach classes or support a Doula client.  I recently had the most beautiful experience with a laboring mother that wore a bracelet like the one that you see in the above picture, it is in Yiddish.  Think Good and It Will Be Good, is really how the world works.

If you tell yourself something is hard, then it is.

If you say I can’t, then it is true.

Instead tell yourself it is challenging and you will try.

I have a problem solver mentality, I live in a happy bubble, and when something doesn’t go my way, I instantly try to figure out how to deal with it.  This is the only way I know how to operate, to be happy, and to deal with things head on.  I am blessed that my children have inherited my happy genes, the problem solving I am still working on.

If you feel you need to release some intense feelings, take a soft deep breath in through the nose, and let it out twice as slow through your mouth.  You can even take a deep breath in and let out a moan, a loud “HEY!” or just say the letter “M” and enjoy the vibration in your body.  All of these breaths force our brain to pay attention, and distract us momentarily from the present, help us release.  Scientifically if we are focusing on our breath, that never stops, Thank God, our brain is unable to focus on anything else.  We really can only do one thing at a time.

Breathe My Friends,


Feel Good,

Think Good,

It Will Be Good,

Coach Yulia

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