Two blogs in one day, Two full moons in one month

I just realized that I wrote two blogs on Thursday, not sure how it is possible. I guess I blogged early Wednesday, and then Wednesday night when I came home from the bachelorette party it was after midnight, so it shows as Thursday, and then I blogged Thursday morning.  I have been in a daze and a bubble this week, in the Doula world there is not much sleep, and I am on call, besides picking up a whole bunch of extra classes this week, and cannot tear myself away from the computer as I build my website and marketing campaign.

Have you heard the phrase, once in a blue moon?  Apparently this month there are two full moons, and its called a blue moon, which comes once in a while.  The next one will be January 2018!

Here is a Jewish perspective, it is about inner and spiritual healing,

Yesterday I met an amazing woman,, she told me some powerful things, if you ask me I will tell you.  I love to keep connecting with people with talents, gifts, and expertise in different areas of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  She gave me some amazing tips on how to keep on my path, but also recharge and release.


I am not a dogaholic or a big animal person, I appreciate them, but taking care of me is hard enough! This however is just plain truth about life, we can learn something from everyone and everything around us.

Grateful For My Gut,

Grateful For My Day Of Rest,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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