I Like To Move It Move It

One of my friends wrote on her timeline that today is Throwback Thursday, and there is Flashback Friday, so we should also have Way Back Wednesday, Timeless Tuesday, and Mistake Monday, along with Suddenly Sunday and Smashing Saturday, Thanks Heather!

I have always loved travel, when I was in high school, 16 turning 17, my school was offering a semester in Israel, and I knew at that age it would be the only place my parents would let me go.  It was really the trip of a lifetime, we saw and learned about the beautiful country and the history.  I never had a Bat Mitzva at 12, so I had one there, and it was the first time I got drunk, and they had to tell my parents!

Since then after high school I traveled with friends around the United States.  I was born in Moscow, USSR, I am a big city girl, and have been to Chicago, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pheonix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Boston, just to name a few.  One of my most memorable trips was with two childhood friends, we just graduated from high school, I was 18, and we came to Los Angeles, and lived on the Sunset Strip, it was 1991 and remnants of the long hair and rock scene were still the place to be before grunge and hip hop exploded on to the scene.

In college, I was majoring in Hospitality Management, and minoring in International Relations, and I was part of the Honors College, which had a semester in Prague, back then it was still Czechoslovakia.  I was 21, had saved up money from working at various jobs, I have consistently had a job since I was 12.  The song above, I Like To Move It, Move It had just come out, and whenever I hear it I think of that trip.  So now in my son’s school they play that song for the kids to dance to, and it was in the movie that is in the video above.  Every time I hear it I want to dance, and now I can dance with my kids.

Woo Hoo!

Coach Yulia

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